Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the use of Universal Groups

The Universal Groups website provides an Car & Coach to Individual Customers, Corporate for staff transportation, corporate events, school colleges trips. Universal acts as an service provider to all the customers.

Universal provides the travel services related to all the road transport.

Car & Coach Hire Policy
1. We charge minimum 300 kms charge for outstation trip.

2. The Km & timing will be measured from parking to parking.

3. Toll Parking Charges and if any State Border Crossing Tax required should be paid by guest.

4. In case of cancellation of booking 1000.00 INR before 48 Hrs & if within 48 Hrs 2000.00 INR for 17 / 20 Seat & for all the above seating capacity 1500.00 INR before 48 Hrs & if within 48 Hrs 2500.00 INR will be charged extra.

5. In case of late arrival after 12:00 midnight 500.00 INR will be charged per 2 Hours, valid till 04:00 AM after 04:00AM it will be charged considering next day(i.e. 300 Kms min. rate)

6. In case guest starts the journey at midnight 750.00 for 17 / 20 Seat & 1500.00 INR for all the above seating capacity will be charged extra.

7. If any damage or losses done to the coaches, extra charges will be charged at actual.

8. We will be charging cleaning charges 750.00 INR extra if any seat covers are spoiled or any unhygienic losses done.

9. All the offers or discounts are subject to availability.

Privacy Policy
This is listed separately on the site.

Delivery & Validity of Quotes
All the quotes provided are valid for 7 days and are subject to avability.

In order to purchase the service offered you must contact the us directly.
You should receive all of your quotes online, however at certain times you may be contacted by telephone or email.

We always wish to improve our service and ensure that your expectations are met. Therefore we will send out questionnaires to Customers randomly selected to make sure that we are providing the service expected.

Content & Intellectual Property
We are responsible for statements of fact made to you by us.
We are responsible for accurately reflecting service as provided to you by us.
We are not responsible for commentary, opinion and ratings on this website by third parties.

We set ourselves very high standards and look to provide these same high standards in everything we do, but we also know there may be occasions when you feel we have not achieved this.

If a resolution cannot be reached between you please register a complaint by emailing info@universalgroups.in or telephone +91 855 1800 0808 and we will respond very quickly to start an investigation.

We will update the terms and conditions on our website of any changes, these changes will take immediate effect when posted. You are agreeing to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions. You should read this document carefully.

VERSION 2.1 March 2016