Frequently Asked Questions

» How do I get a coach hire quote?

Simple and easy is the answer. From the home page of Universal, just enter where you are travelling from and to and the number of passengers for your journey. Step 2 allows you to enter the dates and times of travel etc. Your job is then done! In the background our unique system is now selecting suitable Suppliers to send your journey info to. They will contact you direct with their prices and vehicle on offer.

» Will i receive an instant price?

Universal Team will give instant prices and will contact you back very quickly with their best price and availability. We aim to give you the best prices, which means an accurate price. There are many variables for every job eg. you may have multiple pickup and drop offs, so you can be confident you are receiving the best price from us.

» How soon can I expect to receive my quotations?

We Work 24/7 so you will receive the quote with 30 minutes.

» How will I receive my quotations?

As Universal Groups provide both online & offline service, you will normally receive a full professional quotation online, and we willcontact via telephone if you have left a telephone number on your request.

» Do I have to set up an account?

Yes you can set up an account at the time you submit a quote request, however this is not compulsory. By creating an account you can track and monitor all quotes coming back to you, especially if you send out numerous quote request via our system then this makes it easy to track prices coming back to you. However if you chose not to set up an account you will still receive quotations back.

» Can I change the journey details after I’ve submitted my quotation?

Once you’ve sent your quotation to us you can change your itinerary. You will have to speak with the us who respond to you. And also if anything changes from your initial enquiry or submit it again.

» Why should I book with a Universal?

There are lots of reasons for you to book with us for your journey. You are booking direct with us of your choice being the main reason. Because you are dealing direct means you normally get the best possible price for your trip and you receive detailed information about the vehicles on offer for your booking.

» How do I leave a review for the trip I’ve just travelled with?

Universal knows when your journey has ended and will automatically send you a request to review the Supplier you travelled with through our review provider,

» How can I cancel my booking?

You will need to contact the us with the booking and cancel it.

» How long is my quote valid for?

It is valid for 7 days. However, coaches do get booked up very quickly and so it is always better to book ASAP to avoid any disappointment.